Members of the club made a trip to Iowa to visit and have a great time for 3 days. They stopped by the I-80 Truck stop to see

if it was really as big as everyone says and it was.   They visited a Museum in Winterset, IA the birth place of Marion Robert

Morrison.  Better known as John Wayne, a legend.  They also visited "The bridges in Madison County" from the Book and movie

of the same name that starred two legends, Clint Eastwood & Meryl Streep.  Stopped by a drug store Eastwood was known to

have visited while making the movie.  They also visited a baseball field built in the middle of a corn field from the movie

"Field of Dreams" that starred Kevin Costner. Besides these locations they dined, visited wineries and various other things. 

Special Thanks goes out to club event Hosts/Chairs. John and MaryAnn for a wonderful fun filled trip.  Also thanks to Tina,

Roger and John for all the pictures.  The pictures below are just a small sample of the hundreds taken during the trip.

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