Corvette Museum Trip – The Great B & Sink Hole

This year 20 Corvettes made the trip to the Corvette Museum for our 14th work weekend. This being the year of the sink hole and the Great Eight most were interested in seeing the Corvettes in person. Most had seen either the live feedfrom the NCM website or pictures posted all over the internet. The trip down was uneventful with the club stopping at the last rest stp to join up and caravan the last 30 miles as a group. Stephanie met us in the club meeting room and informed us that after lunch we would be able to go into the sky dome and see the sink hole for ourselves. No picture can do justice to the size of the hole. Afterwards, the members divided into groups and did work for the Museum. One special project was to fix/replace the headlights and tail lights of the Corvette (designed especially for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA) that sits at the entrance to the Museum which had not worked for many years. After work was done it was back to the hotel and to meet up and have dinner at Chuy’s within walking distance of the hotel. Everyone enjoyed dinner, some more than others, then returning to the hotel for an enjoyable evening in the lobby. It was another fun weekend at the NCM. Thanks to everyone from the Museum and club who made this trip a success. View pictures below

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