Club Christmas Party & Auction

This year the CCCC Christmas Party served two purposes. First, it was yet another chance for our members to get together and visit, laugh, reminisce about the past year, the car shows, racing events, picnic, cruises, and a myriad of other events. Secondly, and this is one of the reasons belonging to CCCC makes me so proud, it was time for an auction to raise money for the WRTV6 Toy Drive. All members brought items to auction, and there were some very rare and very collectible that were donated. John and Mary Ann arranged for our very own auctioneer that provided entertainment and made us all laugh more than once with his auctioneering style. The generosity of our members surfaced once again as everyone opened their wallets for a good cause and actively participated during the whole auction. Thank you to Bob for all the pictures of the evening.

All previous years can be found in the Archives Section