Date Night – Various Locations in Hendricks County

On Friday the weather was unusually cold but one Date night couple showed up with their convertible top down. There were a total of 13 Corvettes and 2 steel cars that drove around Hendricks county for dinner. Once everyone arrived at the meeting point we headed to Allan and Eva’s for homemade chicken soup, Hungarian goulash and homemade bread. Eva out did her self and Allan’s bread was the best anyone had had. Next stop was out west in what is called the country at Steve & Paulette’s. Once the cars were parked we headed inside and for a choice of 2 types of salad, one a mixture of lettuce, nuts, onions, tomatoes with just the right amount of a dressing, the other was cranberries, bananas, and a few other fruits in the mix. Both were delicious. After this part of the meal it was on to John & MaryAnn’s for the main course. They had massive quantities of Cavatina and more loaves of Allan’s bread and of course it all tasted wonderful. After more visiting it was on the the last stop which ended up being Ben and Barb’s abode for dessert. Desserts consisted of Cakes, pies, assorted cheeses, cookies and coffee/drinks. With the evening being a little nippy there were two fires outside to keep everyone warm. Date night was a great time for everyone who attended and we all want send out a big THANK YOU to all the host couples for a wonderful day.

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