Hare Chervolet Cookout – Noblesville, IN

The local TV weather men had predicated only a 20% chance of rain. The 20% must have been everywhere else. Even with rain in the air we had nine Corvettes arrive, along with metal cars, which proves Corvettes don’t shrink if it rains. There was plenty of food available from Brauts, Italian sausage, hamburgers, corn on the cob, salads of every kind, baked beans and desserts of cookies and cake. After visiting and enjoying the food part of the picnic it was on to the Air Show. Three trophies to be awarded for the Air show were put on display. Each person was given a Balsa wood glider. Instructions were to decorate/customize them with stickers and markers. Then the choice of flying for distance, aerobatics, custom design classes or all three. Marland R. and his yellow CCCC glider was the winner for distance, Bruce B. won with a basic glider for aerobatics and Patsy W. won for custom design with her flying monkey glider. Thank you toall the members who came out and supported their club at the picnic and Deanna M. for additional pictures. A great time was had by all.

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