Cruise to Metamora, IN

Bob and Patsy organized this event for the club. On the day of the cruise there were 48 members and friends who participated. The drive was more than perfect, along with beautiful weather, it was discovered that Bob had developed the ability to control traffic lights. It be became evident as we drove toward Metamora. During the hour drive through several small town, as the group of Corvettes approached a light it would magically turn green allowing the group to stay together. Once we arrived, parked the Corvettes, there were plenty of shops to visit, and things to do before we were to meet at the restaurant. One we arrived and parked the Corvettes everyone spent a few hours visiting and shopping many of the little shops through out the town, listening to some live country music or sampling the decadent strawberry treat. At noon we all gathered at the Steeplechase Ristorante for lunch. Everyone had a wonderful time with old members and several new members. A thank you to Millicent, Bob & Marcia, Jim & Sharon, and Bob & Patsy for many of the pictures taken that can be viewed in the slideshow below.

A special THANK YOU to Bob & Patsy for planning such a wonderful day for the club.

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