Vets n Vettes @ the NCM – Blowing Green, KY

This year there were eight people and 6 Corvettes making the trip to Bowling Green. The event chair Bob did another great job at organizing the trip down. The weekend was full of activities and plenty of opportunities to eat. There were laps at the MotorSports Park Thursday with active duty troops as the passengers. Most of the group had their Vettes into the 90+mph in the straight aways during the 10 laps on this very challenging track and would have continued as long as someone wanted a ride. There were also plant tours, seminars, movies, lunches, dinners, road trips, shopping at the Corvette store and of course the Parade. Will Cooksey, Corvette Plant manager for 15 years, was the guest speaker at the Banquet. Everyone had a great time. Thank you to all who participated, Bob W., Bryan & Janet, Bob G., Ken & Cindy, and friends of the club Jim A. and Fred W. Thank you to the NCM, Bryan, Janet & Jim for pictures. A Special Thank you to Bob W. for a job well done.

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