The Oakdale Dam Inn Cruise

The majority of the group met in Brownsburg at the start of cruise. Two others were picked up along the route. The weather was perfect for the day with stops to be made along the way. The chosen route was great for Corvettes. First stop was the Wildcat Creek Winery and a wine tasting. Then it was back in the Corvettes to continue the cruise to the Oakdale Dam Inn for lunch and visiting with friends old and new. After having some of the best Dam catfish it was on to a stop for ice cream. The last part of the cruise was interrupted for the hosts of the cruise by an unseen hole, object and one fatality known as the drivers side tire. A flat bed was required. One member volunteered to wait with the hosts for the flat bed The rest of the group continued on to the final destination for Ice cream which was delicious. Everyone had a good time, even the Hosts. A big Thank You to Debbie & Dave S. for planning such a great day

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