VETS N’ VETTES Weekend at the NCM

In 2008 the NCM began a tradition of honoring veterans, POWs and MIAs with a new event, Vets ‘n Vettes. In the years since the event has expanded to include the American Warrior Recognition, a way of providing our returning warriors with a special Corvette Experience. Thursday (11/7) started the weekend with Fort Campbell sending down members of their Warrior Transition Battalion to enjoy a day at the Corvette Museum, rides in participants’ Corvette on back road tours led by the Kentucky State Police as well as lunch and tours of the Museum and Plant. With a Meet n Greet, road tours and participation in the Bowling Green Veterans’ Day Parade. The four club members who drove to Bowling Green and a great time and recommend this event to all the veterans in the club and others who would like to show their support for our American Soldiers.

All previous years can be found in the Archives Section