2015 Toy Drive Delivery – Indianapolis

December 10th was the day for toy delivery on Monument Circle. Fourteen members had volunteered to drive their Corvettes loaded with toys. John & Mary Ann were surprised when 20 Corvettes showed up at the start of fun day. With the Vettes loaded they pulled out at 11:15 headed toward the circle. There was a brief stop, along Meridian to wait for Kevin Gregory’s call to continue to the Circle for the toy delivery. Once on the Circle, CCCC took over 1/4 of the circle. After the live broadcast with Kevin, it was time to unload the toys. CCCC filled 4 large boxes with over $7200 of toys. Then the members headed to Ralph’s Great Divide for a good lunch and conversation. Again, everyone had a great time. A special Thank you goes out to John & Mary Ann for this great event and to Eva & Allan for helping with logistics.

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